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Club SUCCESS is a recognized recovery program utilizing the Clubhouse model and is accredited by Clubhouse International through the following of standards. Club SUCCESS is for adults who are experiencing mental health and hope to get more out of life through meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Participants of Club SUCCESS are called members rather than patients or clients. Our Clubhouse is built on the belief that by developing and using real- life job skills members learn responsibility, develop self -esteem, interact professionally and become contributing members of society. An important part of Club SUCCESS is the work ordered day (WOD). The Clubhouse model is not designed to be recreational.  It is designed to mirror a mainstream day in the workplace by applying the Meaningful Work Philosophy. The WOD provides opportunities for members to practice a variety of skills and gain confidence in using those skills.  Clubhouse members run Club SUCCESS.  Therefore, members have a setting in which they are able to use their skills and contribute to the operation of the Clubhouse.  By recognizing strengths and abilities, Clubhouse generalists are better able to engage members in the Work Ordered Day. In our Clubhouse, the member is responsible for using her/his abilities to help others, participate in leadership roles and build relationships while working closely with staff and colleagues. This unique relationship helps our members to build their confidence to improve their life and work skills. In addition, everyone benefits of knowledge and resource sharing in the Clubhouse community. Together with the WOD, there are educational programs, housing assistance and social opportunities of interactive programs built around helping to cope with mental health and promote the greatest possible independence