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Transitional Employment
Use of t
he Transitional Employment Program (TEP) gives members the opportunity to work in competitive jobs in the business industry. TEP jobs are part-time and last six to nine months. Members in these positions are able to acquire experience, confidence and a sense of achievement at the time that improves the chances of living a more productive, higher quality of life. Members are given new positions in TEP’s and then assigned a supervisor of TEP from Club SUCCESS. The TEP supervisor trains member and remains with him/her for as long as it takes member to feel comfortable at work. The TEP supervisor performs regular visit and accepts responsibility for the work and ensures the position is filled whenever the Member is not available. The transitional employment program only succeeds if the jobs are as beneficial for the employer as they are for participating members. Club SUCCESS ensures that the work is to the satisfaction of the employer, without absenteeism, no requirements of additional training and without reduction of the standards of work.

Supported Employment

Club SUCCESS works with the member by providing support through the process of obtaining and maintaining employment. Supported Employment (SE) members receive assistance with training on the site until the member feels comfortable with the position. The Clubhouse Generalist works with SE members and employer in order to ensure communication. These positions have no time restrictions and they are the members for as long as he /she is going well at work. Regardless of the statistics, it is important to remember that many of these members were once labeled without employment, but through the confidence gained by the program of transitional employment, together with the support of the members and staff of Club SUCCESS,  success can be achieved.

Independent Employment

Independent Employment (IE) is when a member feels ready to move to employment with minimal supervision and/or support from staff. Club SUCCESS assists by working with members to identify jobs then help with resumes as well as mock interviewing. The member is taught skills such as applications completion, techniques of interview, personality test comprehension and training. Members in this position do not have time constraints and the position is available to the member for as long as she/he desires to work. The member has full ownership of the position and can work as many hours as he or she can handle. Club SUCCESS  provides support outside facilities and ensures the success of members through this support.